AI Video Platform

Video Creation

Facilitate video creation in terms of characters, scenes and stories, reduce creation cost and improve content quality.


Face Animation | Beautification | Makeup


Embellishment | Replacement


Re-creation | Material Search

Video Distribution

Based on fine-grained video understanding, enable precise video content search, personalize recommendations that align with users' interests, improve user engagement.


Video Content Search

Video Monetization

Based on deep content understanding, improve ads targeting. Embed commercials into videos as orgnaic contents, monetize while keeping best user experience.

Accurate Ads Targeting

Organic Video Ads

Core Technologies

Realtime 3D Face Modeling

Reconstruct 3D human face model from single monocular image on mobile devices within milli-seconds. Seperate facial expressions from facial identities, and make them transferrable. Based on this technology, any transformations done on images can be seemlessly and stably transferred to videos.

Realtime Video Segmenation

Automatically separate people from background in videos on mobile devices in milli-seconds.

Realtime Video Stylization

Combining with video segmentation, prettify and stylize foreground contents and background contents separately.